Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

The subscriber/Recruiter

The user shall give an undertaking to anishaglobal.org.in that the jobs sought to be filled through anishaglobal.org.in are in existence, genuine and the subscriber has the authority to recruit /advertise for such vacancies. Also the subscriber undertakes that the database will be used to contact candidates for jobs only.

The user shall ensure compliance with all applicable laws for the protection of the personal details of the users whose profiles are accessed by them through anishaglobal.org.in including but not limited to compliance the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010 as also rules, regulations, guidelines, bye laws and notifications made there under, while accessing or feeding any resume/ insertion or information/data into the computers, computer systems or computer networks of anishaglobal.org.in. Any unsolicited calls or emails sent to a candidate outside the use for Job openings will be taken as a direct reason for termination of services and no refund will be made under such conditions.

anishaglobal.org.in reserves its right to change the look, feel, design, prominence, depiction, classification of any section of anishaglobal.org.in at any time without assigning any reason and without giving any notice.

The subscriber/Recruiter must give an undertaking to anishaglobal.org.in that there will be no fee charged from any person who is contacted through our database package for processing of such person.

This subscription is neither re-saleable nor transferable by the subscriber to any other person, corporate body, firm or individual concern

The subscriber shall be assigned a password (s) by anishaglobal.org.in to enable the subscriber to access all the information received through the software, but the sole responsibility of the safe custody of the password shall be that of the subscriber and anishaglobal.org.in shall not be responsible for data loss/theft of data/corruption of data or the wrong usage/misuse of the password and any damage or leak of information and its consequential usage by a third party. anishaglobal.org.in undertakes to take all reasonable precautions at its end to ensure that there is no leakage/misuse of the password granted to the subscriber.

The information on anishaglobal.org.in is for use by its subscribers alone and does not authorize the subscriber to download and use the data for commercial purposes. In case any one is found to be in violation of this then anishaglobal.org.in at its discretion may suspend its service/subscription and also may take such action as it may be advised. No refund will be processed under this case and the account will be terminated after due investigation.

The subscriber shall not use / circulate / forward a person's resume hosted on the anishaglobal.org.in Network / Resumes to his / her current employer as mentioned by the person in his / her resume

All disputes arising out of the transactions between a user and anishaglobal.org.in will be resolved in accordance with the laws of India as applicable.

All Disputes arising out of the transactions between a user and anishaglobal.org.in will be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts situate in Bangalore/Kochi only.